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“All organisms are living systems. Like human bodies, corporations only direct flows of energy, to transform them into desired results.”

- Norman Wolfe, executive business consultant, author of The Living Organization

For both individuals and organizations, we live in a worldview that creating results is achieved by optimizing our activities, operating like a well-oiled machine.  We measure success by the money we have, the profits we make.

We have optimized their ability to produce, at the expense of our ability to contribute.

The Living Organization is different.

“Through the lens of The Living Organization®, we can see the solutions to many of our challenges as a business and within society. A business as a machine does not, and cannot, have any social consciousness or social responsibility. A business viewed as a living entity is, like all people within a society, a citizen with a social and moral responsibility to both itself and society. A machine does not learn and adapt to its environment, but adaptation is the very essence of all living entities. Machines merely produce, they cannot innovate, while living entities can actually dream of and create a healthier future.”

John Mackey

Co-CEO, Whole Foods

The nature of evolution is that fields of energy, taking the form of living organisms, evolve to higher levels of complexity and sophistication.

Through the lens of The Living Organization®, we can see that markets consist of groups of such organisms – companies, competitors, and consumers – coming together to serve a common goal, all within a larger entity or market. Zooming out, markets form societies, societies form our planet, and on the hologram goes. 

Like the Russian dolls that neatly fit one within the other, The Living Organizations® carry within them other living organizations – departments, teams, and people. This demonstrate the fractal property of self-similarity, because the rules of energy that apply to one Living Organization apply to all living organizations. 

Cells – People

Organs – Departments

Human Body – Corporation

corporate organism

Axiom 1

What applies to individual transformation also applies to organization transformation.

Corollary 1

Principles used for organizational transformation can be applied to personal transformation.

Theory 1: Wolfe’s Law I=(A*R²)ᶜ is the key for individuals and organizations to Create Extraordinary Impact

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